☛ Stop working! Zone Out / Craft & Chill

No work talk!

Arts workers need dedicated and collective, unproductive, creative rest time

Artists/artsworkers Amanda Lin and Emily Jung had a random inspiration, which is that we wanted to rest. Since then, we have held several zone-out events focused on theatre workers. We gather, we have some snacks, we have crafts. There’s only one rule: no work talk is allowed!

History of No Work Talk

We have a great history of chilling and crafting and zoning out

— 2024 Craft & Chill at the Paprika Festival

— 2023 Amanda & Emily returned to zone out at the Willow Tree

— 2023 Craft & Chill at Native Earth Performing Arts W36 Festival (ft. Chanin ♥)

— 2023 Craft & Chill at The Toronto Fringe!

— 2023 Craft & Chill at The Theatre Centre Café

— 2023 Craft & Chill at Love You Wrong Time via Nightwood Theatre

— 2022 Craft & Chill at Groundswell Festival

— 2022 Amanda and Emily’s first zone out event kicked off at the Willow Tree

Collage of people having fun and not talking about work, chilling, making cute crafts


1. We want to invite you to craft & chill at our company/festival/show. What does that entail?

Craft & Chill events are usually 3-hours long, aiming for 15-25 participants who comes and goes during the sessions.

The cost breakdown is like so:

– $100 per facilitator (Amanda Lin and/or Emily Jung)

– ~$50 for materials and snacks 

Additionally, Tables (or a large table) and 10-15 chairs are usually what we need. Labour in the Arts comes around half an hour earlier to set up the space, and stay behind to tidy up afterwards. If you would like to inquire about inviting our zone-out/craft & chill event, please reach out to us at admin@labourinthearts.com


2. We love the idea and want to start a chapter in our region. How can we collaborate?

That’s so great (as long as your intentions are rooted in community, inclusivity, wholesome vibes, and rest)! We encourage you to have an online meeting with us so that we can share our experience with you, and how we can support you. 

Please reach out to us at admin@labourinthearts.com


3. We want to stay updated on your events. What’s the best way?

You can sign up for our newsletter on the bottom of this website, or you can follow us on instagram @labourinthearts 


4. What is the difference between zone out and craft events?

We don’t know we like both!!

Connect with us

You can reach all of us at admin@labourinthearts.com or follow us on Instagram @labourinthearts.

Craft & Chill Hall of Fame